Go to dentist @yumehanna clinic, AEON Mal, Gakken Nara Tomigaoka

Last week was my first time to go to dentist ( but not for my children who had been treated earlier). It was good. One staff is very good in speaking English (because actually she was majoring English at college) and so helpful. It was my first experience to visit dental clinic in Japan. And I was surprised because it is a must to take X-ray photo and digital photo of all of your teeth. The dentist needs this information to make a treatment plan.

I thought I had a big cavity on my tooth, but it just an old treated cavity which the filling had been gone…I ate it already 😦

The plan for me is to refill the cavity with metal filling, and to do teeth cleaning. That was all. And for this first visit, I had to spend about 3000 yen. This price is not very expensive comparing to the price in my country..But the price for children is very good!

My daughter had problems with root cavities on her 2 front teeth. She got 3 times treatments. The first treatment, the dentist cleaned the cavities and removed the nerves, then filled with medicine. It cost only about 600 yen. The second treatment, the dentist changed the medicine to antibiotic, and took an X-ray photo. It cost only about 800 yen. Finally, the filling for 2 teeth was just 1200 yen (the teeth was covered with the filling outside to make the tooth size normal). So, if you have children, do not worry to take them to dental clinic in Japan.

for detail schedule, please visit: yumehanna


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