Sign for an NHK contract

If you are living in Japan, you may be familiar with NHK. NHK staffs come to the residents once in a year to ask you to sign a contract to pay for NHK if they find a TV in your home! It sounds ridiculous but that what happened to me.

I just tried to stop the contract now because as you know that the TV programs are only being broadcast in Japanese and we do not understand Japanese. I tried to call any phone number in the NHK flyer, but none answering.

Fortunately I found this contact:

NHK Nara Public Relations Department Sales Dept.

And the staff there speaks English well…helped me a lot to deal with this problem. She warn me to be careful about giving a signature related to income/money with foreigners,..including NHK staff…ahaha…She said that I need a prove if I already disposed my TV properly, by showing an official receipt from the TV manufacturer,..this is another problem,..

Best thing to do before you meet the NHK staff is by peeping on the hole in your door,..if you are sure he is an NHK staff, NEVER open the door. This is an advice from my Japanese friend. But, since we have no TV anymore, it will be fine to open the door.


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