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Sign for an NHK contract

If you are living in Japan, you may be familiar with NHK. NHK staffs come to the residents once in a year to ask you to sign a contract to pay for NHK if they find a TV in your … Continue reading

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Hoikuen/Nursery around NAIST

As a working mother (I work as a student :), I am eligible to send my children to hoikuen, or full day nursery. The kindergarten (yochien) school time is short, from 9 am to 1 pm, so I can not … Continue reading

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Shikanodai Elementary School

Today I have to visit Shikanodai elementary school with my son who will enter the school next year. He had medical check up and uniform fitting.The school can be reached by about 30 min walk or 15 min bicycle ride … Continue reading

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Go to dentist @Yumehana clinic, AEON Mal, Gakken Nara Tomigaoka

Last week was my first time to go to dentist ( but not for my children who had been treated earlier). It was good. One staff is very good in speaking English (because actually she was majoring English at college) … Continue reading

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Simple cooking #1: special tamagoyaki

Telur adalah bahan makanan yang wajib tersedia di dapur. Entah mau dibuat telur rebus, telur ceplok, atau telur dadar. Yang lebih spesial kalau dibuat tamagoyaki atau telur dadar gulung versi Jepang. Tetapi saya juga punya resep tamagoyaki versi saya yang … Continue reading

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Pergi ke Dokter

Di Jepang ini, saya beberapa kali pergi ke Dokter, khususnya dokter anak. Ada beberapa dokter dan klinik yang pernah saya kunjungi. 1. DOI Clinic Klinik ini merupakan klinik untuk anak, berlokasi di Minami Tawara-chi, Ikoma. Hal yang spesial dari klinik … Continue reading

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Halal Restaurants in Kansai Airport

Kansai airport merupakan tempat favorit saya untuk makan Udon. Di Kansai airport sendiri terdapat 2 restoran halal, sanuki udon, di lantai 2 depan domestic arrival dan halal soba di lantai 3. Di hotel Nikko, sebrang Kansai airport, juga tersedia makanan … Continue reading

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