in winter

– 090125 08.20 am

p1120601 p1120602

p1120603 p1120604



in spring







2 Responses to NAIST

  1. mkawaichi says:

    Surprising! You had a lot of snow yestrday! We did not have any anow accumulation aound my place. NAIST must be surrounded by hills, so you have more snow than other Nara areas. Did you enjoy making snowman? It looks the snowman has three snow balls. That is unusual for Japanese snowmen. We usually make them with two snow balls. Snowmen in NAIST are very international.

  2. se_pt27 says:

    Sensei, this is the first time for me to make a snowman. I enjoyed it very much. Tottemo tanoshikatta desu. There is no snow at all in Indonesia except in mount Jaya Wijaya (West Irian) so I don’t know how to make it very well 🙂

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