Halal ramen Naritaya, Osaka

Have you ever eaten Japanese ramen? There are various types of ramen. The difference to me is the soup taste (even though some of them are soupless). All of them are delicious to me, honestly, because mostly available halal foods in Japan are ramen.

But this is true that the same type of ramen, say shio ramen or shoyu ramen, from one shop to others will have different taste. If you want to compare, come visit and eat at different ramen shops.

This ramen shop is pretty close to Nagahori bashi station, Osaka, about 5 min walk. In this shop, halal cosmetics are also available.

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halo, namaku fatih. aku berumur 7 tahun.

sekarang aku tinggal di jepang.

aku kelas 1 SD.

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NAIST and nature: the view around dormitory

NAIST,..I love it so much. I return here after about 8 years. It is not just a nice place for doing the lab works for your PhD/Master, but also a very nice place for raising children πŸ™‚

I will miss NAIST again someday…


In the morning (7:30 am), when elementary school student are going to school.



A hot day in the late spring, after picking up my son.IMG_4870.JPG

Rice field…

IMG_4885.JPGLiving in a big city with a rare opportunity to enjoy the nature is a very boring life…


Students go in group with parents. They are just walking, up and down, in a steepy roads….for about 30 min to reach the school! They will be getting stronger day by day…


The spot where I wait for my children coming home from hoikuen by school bus every evening..summer, autumn, winter, spring…


While waiting the school bus..

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From NAIST to Kansai Airport

The most convenient way to go to Kansi airport is by limousine bus. The ticket can be bought at the limousine bus center besides gakken nara tomigaoka station, north exit or at keihanna plaza if you stay at keihanna. The ticket also can be bought directly on spot if there is still empty seat available. Β The price for one way ticket is 2050 yen, but for round ticket is cheaper. If you buy for a round ticket open for one week, the price is 3900 yen (if not mistaken), and only 2500 yen for a round ticket during the day.

This day it is easier to take limousine bus. If we usually have to go to keihanna plaza or gakuenmae, we can take the bus from gakken nara tomigaoka bus station. Just do not forget to check the bus schedule.

For bus schedule in Nara, there is an App for iPhone: Nara Bus Navi.Β 

or android

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Halal food at Nara

Happy news for tourists going to Nara park! There are more halal food available now πŸ™‚

If you are going to Nara park to see the deers or beauty of Sakura in spring, you can enjoy kebab, ice cream, mochi, ramen, or various Asian food at Naramachi.

First, begin from kintetsu Nara station exit no. 2, at the water fountain with the monk statue at the center (for your information, at the second floor of Lawson, just in front of station, you can buy surutto Kansai ticket, 3 days trip around Kansai area only for 5400 yen), turn right and go ahead to the Sanjo dori street (along the street, you will see daiso/100 yen shop and Nanto ATM corner at right side).

Right after you cross the Sanjo dori street, you will find Turkish kebab and ice cream counter, close to kakigori/Japanese type shaved ice and mochi shop. Chicken kabab is about 500-600 yen, ice cream is 350 yen, mochi is 130 yen each, Kakigori is 250 yen.

After the mochi shop, if you turn right at the mochi idono center, about 20 m at the right you will find Renesa Asia restaurant which provide various Asian food including biryani rice, naan, various type of curry, tom yum, Mie goreng, etc. at the opening, buffer menu for adult was 1500 yen, and for child 6 year and older is 600 yen. Prayer space is also available.

if you go down this steeet, you will find jp bank ATM at the left. To find Nara Machi jinniyah, the halal ramen, you have to walk along the street up to the main cross road. You can enjoy various ethnic shop while walking.

From the cross road, you have to cross the street and walk for about 5-10 min. Please search Nara Machi jinniyah by google πŸ™‚ the place is very convenient and prayer space is also available.

Enjoy your trip in Nara!

kintetsu nara to sanjo dori

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Sign for an NHK contract

If you are living in Japan, you may be familiar with NHK. NHK staffs come to the residents once in a year to ask you to sign a contract to pay for NHK if they find a TV in your home! It sounds ridiculous but that what happened to me.

I just tried to stop the contract now because as you know that the TV programs are only being broadcast in Japanese and we do not understand Japanese. I tried to call any phone number in the NHK flyer, but none answering.

Fortunately I found this contact:

NHK Nara Public Relations Department Sales Dept.

And the staff there speaks English well…helped me a lot to deal with this problem. She warn me to be careful about giving a signature related to income/money with foreigners,..including NHK staff…ahaha…She said that I need a prove if I already disposed my TV properly, by showing an official receipt from the TV manufacturer,..this is another problem,..

Best thing to do before you meet the NHK staff is by peeping on the hole in your door,..if you are sure he is an NHK staff, NEVER open the door. This is an advice from my Japanese friend. But, since we have no TV anymore, it will be fine to open the door.


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Hoikuen/Nursery around NAIST

As a working mother (I work as a student :), I am eligible to send my children to hoikuen, or full day nursery. The kindergarten (yochien) school time is short, from 9 am to 1 pm, so I can not work for long time at school. There is one yochien close to NAIST, Takayama yochien. Hoikuen school time is much longer, from 9 am to 6 pm. We can pick up the children later, but we have to pay additional fee.

There are several (relatively) close hoikuen around NAIST: 1. Kitayamato hoikuen, 2. Pure (pyu-a) hoikuen, 3. Mayumi hoikuen, 4. Shikanodai hoikuen.

Kitayamato hoikuen is located in Takayama-cho, in front of Takayama elementary school (takayama gakko mae). I put Kitayamato hoikuen at the first place because it has a school bus. It very convenient. Especially because the bus passes through NAIST dormitories. I usually go there by bicycle during no-bus period. It takes about 15-20 min ride (I do not have any license), 30 min walk.

Pure hoikuen is close to Aeon mall. We can take bus No. 82 bound for Takanohara, or just go by bicycle (about 15-20 min).

Mayumi hoikuen is close to Gakken kita ikoma station. We can go by bus bound to Gakuenmae station, or again by bicycle if you only have that bike :p The owner of gakken mayumi hoikuen is the same as Kitayamato hoikuen. Kitayamato hoikuen is much older. This school is also has a school bus (I saw a school bus when I went there, but I am not sure if its route also passes NAIST area).

Shikanodai hoikuen is also close from NAIST. But road of closest route was very steep and inconvenient…that is why I put it at the last place :p But we can go there by bus. First, we take bus to Aeon mall (bus No. 82), then change to another bus bound for shikanohatacho.

For a working parent, hoikuen is much better than yochien. And I experiences various exciting events, such as undokai/ sport festival, happyou/children prefomance/show, tomari hoikuen, etc.

The tuition fee will depend on your income. If you have no income, do not worry, you will just pay a couple thousand yen. But we still have to pay for the school bus (3000 yen), monthly book, and snacks.



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